The Faerie Key

The Faerie Key fantasy romance book coverTHE FAERIE KEY

Faerie Forest: Book 2

  • Publication date: September 5, 2016
  • Genre: Fantasy with Strong Romantic Element
  • Length: novelette
  • ISBN: 978-0-9980756-1-7

A simple protection spell. What could go wrong?

Lily McAllister learns that spells can backfire when her magical dabbling summons a house-elf to her door—a six-foot-something, muscled house-elf with glittering green eyes.

But Neer has a history, too, and soon his past catches up with him, forcing him and Lily into the faerie forest. Together they will face the perils within.

The Faerie Key is a novelette of approximately 14,000 words.

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An excerpt from The Faerie Key:

Lily slipped out of the house, leaving behind the quiet laughter and companionship of Daisy and her fiancé, Rhett.

Silvery traces of moonlight shone down on the garden. Lily loved the house she and her sister spent their spare time restoring, with all its quirks and character. But it was far too much a prison lately, surrounded by wilderness she dared not enter, surrounded by old oaks and maples whose serenity belied what lay in those woods.

Beyond the carefully tended rows of herbs—beyond the lavender, the rosemary, the thyme and the chamomile, beyond the orchards of apples and pears, the hedge of roses and lilacs—stretched the wild forests, teeming with Fair Folk.

Tonight, under the light of a July full moon, Lily would make sure the fae couldn’t come any closer. She couldn’t drive them from these forests, but she could keep them from approaching the farmhouse.

Tonight, Lily McAllister took a stand.

But she didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t tell Daisy and Rhett. They wouldn’t understand. She clutched the wooden box tighter to her chest. It was a deep red, the color of a dried rose petal, with a gold sun and silver moon on the top. It was a box meant for magic, and magic was precisely what she intended.

A gust of wind swept through the garden, carrying with it the scent of flowers, grass, and damp earth. Beyond the moonlit garden, the forest lurked, full of mischievous faeries. They were quiet tonight, but she wouldn’t be fooled. In those woods, the wild fae waited.

No more. Tonight it ended. Lily had found a spell in one of the tomes now housed in her living room.

Some of the books were new, their pages fresh and crisp and detailed with pen and ink drawings of flora and fungi used in magic and healing spells. Some were older than old, pages frail and brittle, filled with arcane language and long-forgotten magic-craft. It was in a newer text, the cover bedecked with a cottage surrounded by rose bushes and hydrangeas, that she’d found this spell, one to protect the farmhouse and the twenty acres on which it sat from faerie magic.

She’d already placed the four stones that would create the circle of protection. One in the east, one in the north, one each in the west and south. Four chunks of black tourmaline, a powerful defensive stone.

Now, the spell. She withdrew a bundle of dried sage, a lighter, and a white pillar candle. She placed the candle on a large, flat stone where she sometimes sat and meditated, or simply contemplated life. A shiver ran over her skin. She’d never attempted a spell before. What if something went awry?

A knot formed in the pit of her stomach. What if next time something far worse crept out of those woods? Sometimes at night, as she paced the house, she heard fey laughter pouring from the forest. They were getting closer and closer, bolder and bolder. How long before even the house was no longer safe?

And thus, the ritual. She lit the candle, the flame flickering back and forth like a will-o-the-wisp. Hopefully, its light would not lead her astray.

She lit the sage smudge stick, waiting until the dried leaves caught before blowing out the flame. Pungent, earthy smoke wafted into the air.

“Okay, Luna Hedgewood,” she said, recalling the name of the author. Spells for Hearth and Home, the cover had read. The inside was filled with pages edged with a leafy vine pattern and crammed full of spells and rituals. “Don’t steer me wrong.”

The sage smoke spiraled into the air. Lily waved the stick and repeated the words she’d memorized. “Protectors and wise guardians, I seek your aid. Protect house and home and those who dwell within. An it harm none, so mote it be.”

A tingle went across her skin. The wind whipped up, sending her long brown locks billowing in the night air.