Revisions, Remodels, and Retreats: July So Far…

Floyd Retreat 2018
Hotel Floyd, Virginia.

July started off with a peaceful retreat in the nearby small town of Floyd, Virginia. Floyd is a small town that’s full of music and breweries.

We didn’t partake in the breweries during our stay, but we did stay at Hotel Floyd and eat some good food at nearby restaurants, including far more ice cream than was sensible at the Floyd Country Store. In evenings, music filled the streets, and we strolled along, dreaming the dreams that arise from days of quiet work and contemplation.

In case you’re wondering, hubby and I started the month off with a creative retreat. He’s working on game development now that his master’s work is completed, and I started draft seven (Seven! Squee!) of my novel Spellfire’s Kiss. I only managed to revise two chapters, but I went over those several times.

When we returned home, we dove straight into a major home renovation project: tearing out nasty old carpet in our living and dining rooms and replacing it with vinyl floor planks. Honestly, we’ve spent more time tearing out the carpet and leveling the floors than we have actually installing the new floors. I will share pictures when it’s finished, but so far, we’re please with the results. It’s just taking us DIYers forever!

And that, of course, brings me to the revision of Spellfire’s Kiss. Migraines and problems with my hands are slowing me down. I am having mysterious pains in both hands that make it hard to work for any length of time, so frequent breaks are required. But I am slowly, scene by scene, deepening this story.

I can see what this story was always meant to be. Not a sweeping epic fantasy, but a story about love, about loyalty, about family, about magic, about the battle between good and evil that is waged in each and every person.

I continue to “revise” my home, making it a place where my soul is refreshed and I can retreat, to create, love, laugh, honor, make magic, and enjoy life to the fullest, a place where animals can play, people can gather, and stories can be told.

I continue to revise Spellfire’s Kiss, making it the quiet, magical love story it was always meant to be.

And I continue to work toward improving my health. I had an MRI this week, which thankfully was normal. My doctor prescribed something to hopefully decrease the number of migraines I get, and I’m doing well limiting my sugar intake, though the remodel means I don’t currently have a place to practice yoga. Maybe a corner of the bedroom until the living room is available again?

I’ve been stalled on chapter three of Spellfire’s Kiss since our return from Floyd, but I just purchased a much-needed copy of GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict and am hoping that book will help me figure out what exactly is going on.

And that goals list I posted last week? I’m thinking those aren’t just my goals for Round 3, but for Round 4 as well. But more on that later.

More than ever, I am working toward a life of connection—connection to community, both in person and online; connection to spirit and magic; connection to loved ones, both human and animals; connection to my characters and their stories; connection between mind, body, and spirit, and the nurturing of each one; and connection to my own dreams and visions for the future.

What about you? How are you nurturing yourself this week? If you’re participating in ROW80 (the writing challenge that knows you have a life), how has the first week gone for you?

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10 thoughts on “Revisions, Remodels, and Retreats: July So Far…

      1. I hope you do! You don’t have to go far. I suggest choosing a spot with restaurants within walking distance, but that’s also fairly distraction free. That can be hard to find in major cities, but smaller cities or the right neighborhood in a big city can meet this pretty well.

  1. We’re headed for immersion babysitting for the coming 2 weeks — 6-year-old and 3-year-old, so that creative retreat sounds very, very good. Maybe that first week in August.
    Even a weekend away might make all the difference. Glad yours went well. Despite all the renovations, they’ll be finished relatively soon, and you’ll have that quiet corner again for yoga. Have a great week!

    1. Oh, that sounds exciting! I bet there will never be a dull moment. And rest assured you’ll be giving them so many wonderful memories. I’ll never forget the sheer joy I experienced as a kid when I knew my grandparents were coming to babysit.

      You’re right. We panicked when we realized the floors weren’t level, but then my father, who has decades of construction experience, calmly explained that floors never are. So we’re forging ahead. Soon enough we will have a restful and relaxing spot for yoga, reading, playing with our fur babies…whatever the moment calls for.

      Thanks, Beth! Enjoy your adventures! 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear about all the migraines and mysterious pains you’ve been struggling with. That’s rough. 😦 Hope they start easing up for you sometime soon!

    And oh, I absolutely love the sound of Spellfire’s Kiss. Quiet, magical love stories are always so much fun to read. Best of luck with this!

  3. I’m sorry to hear of your mysterious medical problems. I do hope you get answers or at the very least some relief. Some of my friends that have migraines have been talking about getting a certain piercing in their ear that’s supposed to make them less severe and less often. I’m sure you’ve heard of it and considered this for yourself.

    It sounds like you have your writing in clear view. I hope you the best with your health so that you can continue with it.

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