Reblogged: An Interview with Rhonda Penders Editor in Chief of The Wild Rose Press

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Interview with Rhonda Penders of The Wild Rose Press. Some excellent advice for authors in here!

This Writer's Life

Ten years ago, I got the call…well actually it was an e-mail, that every writer hopes for. The one telling you a publisher would like to offer you a contract for your book. I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for The Wild Rose Press. I told Rhonda when I contacted her about interviewing her, I’ll always be thankful to her for giving me my first break and making my dream come true.

To celebrate my tenth anniversary of being a published author, here’s my interview with Rhonda who is also president of the company too…

This Writer’s Life (TWL)-For readers who don’t already know a lot about The Wild Rose Press can you give us some background about when you got started.

Rhonda Penders (RP)-The Wild Rose Press was started in May 2006 by RJ Morris and myself.  We were both published authors and also critique partners. When…

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