Simple living is…

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Simple living is…

…a cup of tea with honey

…watching the sunrise

…a homecooked meal shared with loved ones

…a trip to the farmer’s market

…hiking to the top of a mountain

…(and pausing to enjoy the view)


…giggling with friends

…snuggling with my husband while watching a movie

…toast with almond butter

…goat’s milk soap with lavender

…homemade shea butter lotion

…the smell of cinnamon

…burning a soy candle

…coffee and good conversation

…curling up with a good book

…s’mores and stories by the campfire

…a walk in the park with my dog on a warm day

…listening to a thunderstorm

…autumn leaves

…growing something, even if it’s just some basil in a small container

…a small, tidy, organized home

…having just enough

…time to love, time to learn, time to grow.

What is simple living to you?

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6 thoughts on “Simple living is…

  1. I love this Denise! Keep it simple is my new motto. There is something to be said about appreciating the little things in our life. It always makes me grateful. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing !! All of these things sound wonderful and to live a live a simple life where you can enjoy all the small moments which are more like the best moments would be a dream! Simplicity is something I’m striving for in my future. It’s something I yearn for everyday. A simple life. That is exactly what my blog is about. I’m brand new in the blog writing world but if you get a moment perhaps you can check out my posts.

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