Goodbye, Roo.

Sweet Roo.

A lot has happened since my last check-in. On Sunday we said goodbye to our cat Roo, who’d been with us 15 years. We watched her grow from a feisty kitten who was always getting into one misadventure after another to a feisty old lady who kept the entire house in line. Goodbye, sweet Roo. We miss you.

On the writing/reading front I’ve been fairly productive. I read Amber Benson’s The Witches of Echo Park and loooved it. I immediately ordered the next two books in the series. It’s all about sisterhood and magic and was the perfect fit for this reader.

On the writing front, I penned a new short story, Intersection, and continued working on my novella Bewitched by the Dragon. This week I’ve written 1,457 words in Bewitched by the Dragon. I just got back a beta read on Intersection and hope to get that one revised soon.

I’ve reached a crossroads with my short stories. I had begun the process of submitting them to magazines, but then a Twitter chat (thanks, #StoryDam!) got me thinking that Patreon might be a better avenue for publishing my shorter fiction. Basically, patrons (in my case, readers), would pay a set amount per creation or per month. I’m genuinely thinking about giving it a go. Something to think about as I put the finishing touches on a few more of the shorter works I so love to write.

That’s it for this check-in. We’re trying to adjust to life without Roo, and I’m finding distraction in storytelling, both my own and others, immersing myself in worlds of magic and wonder.

What about you? Have you heard of Patreon or used it, either as a creator or a patron? Thoughts on this new model?

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18 thoughts on “Goodbye, Roo.

  1. As the Vulcans say, “I grieve with you.” Still adjusting to life without the Corki-dog, who died last September.

    I have been dragging my feet on finishing my Patreon page for months. Want to be done before June gets here.

    When you’re up to it, check your inbox for Chapter One – it will be waiting for you.

    Peace and sweet memories.

    1. Thanks, Shan. We lost our beagle last February. It took a while before we adjusted, and sometimes the pain still feels fresh. Grief is a strange creature in that way.

      When you have your Patreon page up, let me know. I want to be one of your first patrons!

      I just received your chapter one critique and I love it! I haven’t had a chance to read through every comment, but your feedback is detailed and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

      1. So sorry about your beagle – I remember that now. Whenever I say “cheese”, the grief hits me. We had to spell that word when Corki was alive.

        And grief is indeed strange. It can rise up out of thin air.

        Well, that’s an incentive to get on with the video. I’m stalling because I’m not fond of being recorded…and that’s a little silly. Onward…

        I’m so happy to know it was what you were looking for. I think it can overwhelm some people, but I figure you can’t decide whether the comments seem valid to you if I don’t make them. I loved reading it, and will joyfully carry on with the beta (not super fast, but definitely thoroughly).

      2. Aw. Roo loved shredded cheese, especially cheddar. When she heard the bag she would come running. We sometimes had to tell her “Not cheese, Roo,” if we opened a bag that even sounded like the shredded cheese bag. They definitely make their mark, and losing them is hard. So sorry about Corki.

        Okay, so I’m stuck on the video too. I’ve done tons of public speaking, but making a video sounds intimidating somehow. Best get on with it, I suppose!

        I await your future comments. And let me know if I can return the favor!

      3. Eventually, I would love a return on the favor. But not right away…I want to run some things through the revision process I’m learning first.

        Funny about the cheese. Our guinea pig, who died in October as an ancient lady, was convinced every bag held her favorite treat -romaine lettuce!

      4. Take your time. There’s no pressure. I’ll be here to beta-read whenever you’re ready.

        Animals are so clever that way–any routine based around food is learned quickly!

  2. (((HUGS))) on the loss of your Roo. Great job on the writing. And good luck on deciding about Patreon. I have one, but I haven’t done too much with it yet. I do have a couple stories up there(well, a short story and chapter one of a novella), but haven’t gotten any subscribers. I need to get busy with getting more on there and actually sharing it more.

  3. Our kitty lived to be 17. I still miss the way she would leap on student papers, her paws muddy from being outside, and she’s already been gone nearly 10 years. So those memories of Roo will stay with you. What a gorgeous kitty she was. Thanks for telling us about Patreon (I will check it out). Please keep us posted! And what a wonderful community of beta readers and writers we are. If you need another beta read, put my name on your list! And, have a good week.

    1. Yes, those memories stay with us always. We lost our beagle last February, and sometimes my husband or I will slip and say, “It’s time to walk Angel” instead of our puppy’s name. They’re such an important part of our lives. It’s hard to say goodbye.

      Thanks for the offer to beta read, Beth. I might just take you up on that. 🙂

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