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It’s a warm but rainy day in Southwest Virginia. The steady plop of rain against the townhouse provides a backdrop for a day spent inside, drinking tea and typing away at the keys. They’re saying thunderstorms are on their way, so we’re holed up inside today.

As a goal-driven person in a goal-driven society, sometimes I’m so consumed by what I want to achieve that it’s easy to overlook these simple things: a rainy day spent playing fetch with Leo inside, or an afternoon drinking tea and writing. But if we’re to truly live an inspired, creative life, appreciating the simple pleasures life offers every day is precisely what we must do.

There is magic in the everyday. Every cup of tea, every word splashed across the page, every story written or read, every simple, home-cooked meal has a drop of magic in it, if only we’re open to it.

The daffodils are already blooming outside. The promise of spring is in the air on this windy, rainy day. The blank pages of my journal call to me, offering a source of inspiration and introspection. So I think I’ll keep today’s check-in short and sweet, and focus on a quiet, creative day.

So far this week I’ve written 1,351 words in Spellfire’s Kiss. I’ve been working on this story since December 2013, and yet it’s continuing to whisper to me and surprise me. This year this story will be finished, one way or another, and it will hopefully find fulfillment in the imaginations of readers.

I’ve painted two of four walls in the living room a bright, royal blue. I’ve already hung some crisp black and white photos, and the look is more dramatic and bold than I’d planned, but I like it. I’ll share some photos once the whole room is finished.

As far as reading, I’m still working my way through Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance by Julia Cameron and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

What about you? What simple pleasures do you find joy in? What are you working on this week?

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3 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. This is a lovely, lovely update. I’m so happy for the day you’re having, and I’m having a similar one. I was up early, and had three blog poss, and four fan fiction drabbles, as well as a good deal of hometending. Now I’m reading blog posts and watching Star Trek:TNG. Spent some time with the children, and watching the weather change from overcast to sunny to stormy, and now back to unsettled sunshine and clouds. No daffodils here, but it’s warm – light-jacket weather. Spring is coming closer; the birds know it.

    I’m in a mellow space, and will likely spend tonight puttering with blogposts, homeschool reports, and maybe some light plotting or revisions, since I’m not in a new words kind of space today, but more of a simmering one I’ve learned to trust and not to rush.

    Spellfire’s Kiss sounds tempting. Would you happen to be looking for betas?

    Either way, I’m going to spend some time with my Accomplice, Star Trek, and whatever happens – my version of simplicity. May you enjoy your tea, spouse, and Leo!

    1. Thanks, Shan. I’m trying to learn not to rush, to allow my stories (and my life) to unfold organically, at their own pace, just enjoying the journey and not rushing. It’s not a race, after all; it’s life; it’s art. Your day sounds wonderful. Our thunderstorms never materialized, just lots of wind and rain, which meant a day indoors drinking tea and playing fetch. Leo was a little stir-crazy by the end of the day, so we ended up braving the weather for a longer walk.

      I’d love to have another beta reader for this story! 🙂 Just let me know where to send the file when it’s ready. Thank you!!!

      1. When you’re ready, let me know here, on FB, or email at memismommy at yahoo dot com. I’m not always the fastest beta, but I am thorough, and I will be honest about both what I liked and what I thought could be made better.

        It was largely a lovely day, in the middle of a busy week, like a stormy oasis. I’ve spent most of my day in moving forward on some deck clearing, so that, when the creative spark ignites again, and can give it more of my attention, without being distracted by all these details….

        I’ll bet Leo was really happy to get that walk!

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