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It’s turning out not to be the best of days for insightful blogging. We’re having new windows installed (much-needed, too, as the cold days of winter grip us!), so my house is a flurry of activity.

And, on a sadder note, it appears my 14-year-old cat, Roo, is having seizures, so I’ve already made one emergency trip to the vet this morning and have been on the phone trying to get her some medication. Two seizures, or seizure-like events, today.

That being said, if you’d send Roo some healing energy, it would be much appreciated. In the meantime, here’s a short check-in for Round One of A Round of Words in 80 Days.

Goal Progress Check-In:

  • Write 300-500 words daily. On track. So far this week: Sunday, 497 words; Monday, 433 words; Tuesday, 696 words.
  • Stay close to sources of inspiration by meditating, doing yoga, journaling, spending time in nature, and exploring other creative outlets. (See specific, measurable goals below.) Took advantage of some mild weather by taking a couple long walks with Leo, our new Aussie mix puppy.
  • Journal at least three times a week. 1/3.
  • Explore another creative outlet at least twice a week. 1/2. Tried a new recipe—broccoli cheddar quiche. Super-easy and delicious! Also ordered some scrapbooking supplies so I can keep working on my Book of Shadows.

What about you? Has is Round One starting off for you?

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12 thoughts on “A Window into My World

    1. Thanks, Caren. She is with the vet tonight awaiting more tests tomorrow. She’s 14, so we’re really worried.

      On a happier note, happy New Year. I look forward to reading more of your short stories soon. Any in the works?

  1. Can I sing Soft Kitty to Roo? I hope she feels better soon! And hugs to you.

    I’m moving along with my goals. More focus on the revision class, because I’m ready to increase my skill and efficiency. The writing will happen…eventually.

    Enjoy the walks with the pup!

    1. Yes, Shan! She would love that. Thanks. 🙂

      I’m more focused on revision this year, too. I want to try to draft a novel, but I have so many drafted stories that need to be “finished” and sent out into the world to be with readers. Good luck with your journey! I look forward to your updates throughout the year.

      1. Soft Kitty for a soft kitty….

        will be drafting three novels over the curse of the year, and some short stories. But the focus is definitely on revision, because that’s the next thing I need to master on my way to a measurable writing income.

        I’m learning a lot from the first lesson in my course, and there are 21 more after this one. Already, I can see that I’m going to be much better at this by the time I reach the other end, and, along the way, I’ll have developed the bare beginnings of a business plan, too…

        I’m looking forward to seeing where this year carries you, as well. May it be a joyful and productive journey!

      2. Revision can be a tough road. I’m trying to learn to embrace it, but I definitely prefer writing first drafts.

        This year will be full of revisions for me as well as I try to get some of my many WIPs off my plate and into the world. I had a business plan a while ago but things sort of starting going in a different direction. At some point this year, I’ll need to revise that, too!

        Thanks, Shan Jeniah!

    1. Thank you. We just found out she has a heart condition that’s triggering the seizures. She’s on anti-seizure meds, but there isn’t much they can do about the heart arrhythmia. As I type this she’s curled up beside me and seems comfortable. As they get older, sometimes love and comfort are all we can give them.

  2. First of all, I’m sorry about Roo. Hope he gets better.

    As far as writing goes, the only writing I’ve done is journaling. But I’ve had a lot on my plate and it’s been helpful writing out the frustrations. To be frank, I haven’t been able to muster the energy to write anything else. I do have some ideas for stories percolating in my brain. I think I need to take a morning to get it down on paper. Can’t let the ideas sit there too long.

    1. The anti-seizure meds seem to be working, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. She still seems weak, but she’s alert and has been seeking snuggles all day, so that’s something.

      I know January marks the beginning of the New Year and we’re supposed to hit the ground running, but the dead of winter following the chaos of the holiday season can be a terrible time to start anything big or new. So just keep writing in your journal, and perhaps by the time the daffodils are blooming, stories will be ready to be told. But if something comes to you in the meantime, hopefully you have the time to get it down on paper before it disappears! Good luck!

  3. Sending positive thoughts and energy to Roo!

    Great job on your goals. I love how you’re so focused on your creative life. I’m also starting meditation. along with the positive affirmations I repeat throughout each day I’ve been feeling so much more present, and centered.

    1. Thanks, Kat! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the power of meditation–not just anecdotal stories, but also scientific studies that have confirmed its value. It’s definitely something I want to get into the habit of. 🙂

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