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As a practicing Pagan, the Tarot is sacred to me. It’s a way to commune with the Goddess and God, to seek out their guidance, to find a light in the dark when I’m fumbling in the shadows of midnight.

Reading Tarot cards is a regular part of my spiritual practice, a guiding light in my life when the path is shrouded in darkness. So, recently, I turned to the cards for guidance in my writing career.

The card I drew was The Hanged Man, one of the cards in the Major Arcana. It wasn’t surprising, given that I’ve been making really slow progress lately. This card depicts a man hanging from his foot from a tree, and it represents a period of stillness, but one in which we are still in order to learn the secrets to freeing ourselves.

As Biddy Tarot writes of The Hanged Man:

“This is a card that is all about suspension and waiting, and suggests that this may be just what you need to do in order to allow new possibilities to arise. Sometimes not acting will help to shed more light on what other options are available to you and will allow more attractive opportunities to emerge.”

I realized that what I’ve been doing is grappling with my writing, confronting it and demanding it move forward. I used to have a beagle, a beautiful, gentle soul named Angel. When she found a scent she wanted to study, there was no moving her. She would lock her legs and refuse to budge. Trying to move my writing forward has been like trying to urge a beagle onward. For whatever reason, it wants to stay where it is.

This card can represent a period of waiting and gestation in between chapters in life, and my intuition tells me that change is on the horizon. My writing career is going through a period of incubation that precedes a transformation. We will see where this leads.

In light of this, I’m revising my goals for the remainder of 2016 to be more fluid. Here they are:

  • Do something writing-related every day, seven days a week: journal, write a poem, take notes on a story, read a writing book, brainstorm, etc.
  • Reconnect with my spiritual practice.
  • Start a regular yoga practice.
  • At least twice a week, explore another creative outlet, anything from scrapbooking to cooking to home decorating or Feng Shui.

So far this week I’ve written two poems, written a meditation/spell for one of the full moons, and started a couple redecorating projects around the house.

What about you? Have you ever entered a period of stillness in your creative life? What did you learn?

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