A Midweek Check-In—and a Request

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m on sort of a mini-sabbatical. I feel like I pushed so hard with my writing for a few months, and I’m feeling a little burned out. I’m hoping a few weeks off will help me recharge my batteries.

So there’s not much to report on the writing front. I do need to do some editing to my short story Silver’s Stray and send it to my critique partners. We’re meeting later this month, so I hope to dig into that story tomorrow and Friday and get it sent to my CPs.

As far as reading, I just finished reading Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie. It was a little darker than I remembered it being at some points, but I hadn’t read it since grad school, so it was time for a reread. My mother-in-law lent me Shadow of Night and The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness, so I think I’ll dig into those next.

I do have a request, though. I published two novelettes last week, The Beltane Kiss and The Faerie Key, and I’m offering free review copies to whoever wants them. A free e-book in exchange for an honest review. Let me know in the comments or via my contact page if you’re interested. And thanks in advance!

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What about you? How is your writing coming along? Have you ever taken the time to reread a book you haven’t read in years? Did the reread surprise you in any way? Are you interested in a free review copy of one of my stories? Let me know!

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15 thoughts on “A Midweek Check-In—and a Request

  1. My writing has slowed some. But I have been doing some writing exercises from a writing blog I follow. But I haven’t written any stories. It’s not from a lack of inspiration. I’ve been pinning prompts on to my Pinterest boards. I have ideas swimming in my brain. But I’m trying to temper the urge to start something new until I finish the projects I started. And I have a few. And it’s not as if I’m going to submit these pieces; I just want the sense of accomplishment. I may send them off to readers who are interested. We’ll see.

    I am interested in reading your stories. But I don’t think I would be a good critic. I’m having issues with a story I just started reading. It’s outside of what I normally read, which is good because I need the “experience.” At the same time, I’m one of those readers who wants to get to the heart of the matter quickly; don’t want to spend chapters on world-building. (Side note: that might be why I’m weary on writing novels.)

    Anyway, good luck with everything.

    1. Sometimes we need a break to recharge. Then we can return to our writing, refreshed and renewed and ready to write. I took a break for a few weeks because I’d been pushing really hard and was feeling burned out. Now I’m slowly restarting my writing schedule to get a few more works done by the end of the year. So enjoy your break!

      Thanks, George. I’m a big fan of short fiction, so like you I don’t care for stories that are slow and go off on a lot of tangents. Twists and turns I’m good with. But endless backstory or random world-building I’m not a fan of.


  2. Hope your break is helping. I have my copy of The Beltane Kiss. I’ll do my best to post a review once I get to it.

    I used to re-read books quite a bit. Now, with ebooks and an account at a local used book store, I never seem to run out of new ones to read, so I don’t usually. Though if a new one in a series comes out, I do go back and do a re-read of the earlier ones in the series. And sometimes I do pick up on things I missed before.

    1. It is. Thanks for buying The Beltane Kiss! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

      For me, some books demand a reread, especially classics. I’d like to reread Little Women this year because it’s been ages since I’ve read it. And I want to reread the Harry Potter books at some point. You’re right, though. There are so many wonderful new books out there to read. Having an e-reader makes it easy to just devour new books, so I get where you’re coming from.

      Thanks again, Fallon!

  3. Enjoy your break. I’ve already purchased a copy of both books and will leave a review after I read them. I don’t reread most books. I read a lot of mysteries and once it’s solved it’s hard to reread. I have reread The Hobbit and To Kill a Mockingbird, years apart. The first time around I was swept up in the story the second time I didn’t rush through it and that allowed me to noticed things I had missed before. Ususally, it’s the language that gets me the second time.

    1. Thanks so much, Caren!

      Yeah. I love a good mystery, but once you know who the murderer is, the suspense goes out of the book. Have you read the Amelia Peabody mysteries by Elizabeth Peters? I’ve only read the first one, The Crocodile on the Sandbank, but I loved it. It might be worth checking out if you’re a fan of mysteries.

  4. I have three books I reread from time to time: Gifts From the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein, and Galapogos, by Kurt Vonnegut. There’s always something new in these, and they never disappoint.

    I’m ridiculously slow, still, at giving reviews. I’ll go ahead and buy one or both in the not so distant future, read them when I can get to them in my ever expanding TBR stacks, and review them….uh, eventually? I wish I could say I’d get right on that, but, even if I set everything else aside, I owe 20 or 30 already!

    My writing took a serious hit with the death of our beloved pit bull mix, Corki, last Sunday. I’m giving grief the space it needs, and that’s meant more Cake Mania 3, more reading TnT fan fiction, more Firefly, and less writing and social media.

    I am finding my pace again, but it’s still intermittent, and might be for a while. I can live with that.

    1. Thanks, Shan Jeniah. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. We lost our beloved beagle, Angel, in February, and I still miss her. It must’ve taken a month for me to get used to walking into a room and her not being there. It’s hard. Hugs to you and your family. You need a break to process your loss and recover. Take care!

      1. I’m so sorry you lost your dog – I didn’t know that. They do leave an empty place behind (or, in the case of Corki, who was often a 75 pound hurdle in the middle of our traffic patterns, many empty places).

        We’re coping. It helps to know that he was sick, and that he’s spared suffering…but it hurts to be without him, because he was such a constant part of our lives, and he was a very endearing soul.

  5. When I was in 6th grade, I read “Johnny Tremain” by Esther Forbes. Best book I ever read, up to that time. I read it again a few years ago, and enjoyed it just as much.

    As far as my writing, I’ve been on a bit of hiatus myself, not by choice, just too much other stuff going on. The muse and the time returned yesterday and I am off and typing on my second novel.

    And also, because I just finished reading a book and have nothing interesting on my Kindle, I downloaded “The Beltane Kiss” just now so I could start reading it tonight! I will post a review as soon as I finish it.

    1. I’m not sure I’ve ever read Johnny Tremain. Maybe when I was younger?

      I’m glad the muse has returned for you. Good luck with your novel.

      And thanks for buying The Beltane Kiss. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

      1. I really liked “The Beltane Kiss”. Will post a review on Amazon as soon as it lets me. Stupid computers – sometimes I am so technologically stunted. I will get it done, though! Along with reading “Faerie Key”.

  6. No guilt Denise. Life happens and we have so many directions pulling at us. And there are times when we are just so tuckered out. Gotta take care of ourselves. So it’s a good thing to listen when our body is trying to tell us something. Meanwhile, enjoy the reading. That’s important too. Take care girl!!! ((Hugs)) 🙂

  7. This post served as a good reminder to me that I need to get back to reading. I’ve been pushing myself so hard to write, but sometimes you have to take a little rest and find some inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

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