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Now Available: “The Beltane Kiss” and “The Faerie Key”

It’s official; my novelettes The Beltane Kiss and The Faerie Key are now available on Amazon. The stories follow the McAllister sisters as they find romance and are drawn into a world of faerie magic.

More info:


The Beltane Kiss fantasy romance book cover(Into the Faerie Forest: Book One)

Daisy McAllister would do anything to save her sister, Lily, plunged into an endless sleep by faerie magic. Even enter a forbidden wood.

But braving the forest means facing the “lord” of the manor—wealthy recluse Rhett Fairshadow. He sees himself as a guardian, protecting humans from the fae who inhabit his land.

When a determined Daisy meets an angry Rhett one Beltane night, sparks fly.

THE BELTANE KISS is a novelette of approximately 11,000 words.


“The magic in this story really sparkles, and the fae episodes are eerie and haunting.”— Amelia Denyven Ross

Now available at Amazon.



The Faerie Key fantasy romance book cover(Into the Faerie Forest: Book Two)

A simple protection spell. What could go wrong?

Lily McAllister learns that spells can backfire when her magical dabbling summons a house-elf to her door—a six-foot-something, muscled house-elf with glittering green eyes.

But Neer has a history, too, and soon his past catches up with him, forcing him and Lily into the faerie forest. Together they will face the perils within.

THE FAERIE KEY is a novelette of approximately 14,000 words.

Now available at Amazon.


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