Sunday Summary

I’ll keep this one brief. Not much happened this week, just a whole lot of editing.  I finally finished a manuscript critique for someone and sent my comments, so the next few weeks I can dig into my next writing goals: Revising my novella Spellfire’s Kiss and writing a couple more novelette-length fairy-tale retellings.

I’ve been trying to reconnect spiritually, and I had a great full moon ritual this week. And I finally started my Book of Shadows. Here’s a peek:


Long evening strolls on which I’ve made a few discoveries—a pine branch the perfect size for a wand, and a pristine bird’s feather—have helped fuel my creativity and helped me connect to the divine.

And lastly, this week’s ROW80 check-in…

Writing goals: Edited White Wolf, Red Cloak and sent to critique partners. Edited Spirits of Embers and sent to beta reader. Line edits on The Faerie Key. That one needs to go to the proofreader, but I think I need one more read-through first.

(Oh, and my author website now features a Coming Soon page, where you can learn about upcoming releases and get sneak peeks of covers.)

Reading goals: Read Heinlein’s Rules: Five Simple Business Rules for Writing by Dean Wesley Smith, which I found helpful. I’m currently reading Twilight Guardians by Maggie Shayne, which started a little slow, but has picked up and has a really fascinating world. (Basically, humans are hunting vampires instead of the other way around.)

Life goals: Some exercise—long walks, playing Frisbee, and partner yoga one evening. No work on painting the house. I had time Saturday, but painting the kitchen is going to be such a chore that I just…didn’t. Sigh.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. Click here to cheer on fellow participants.

What about you? How do you reconnect? What are some ways you maintain your creativity outside of your writing practice?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Hot tea and quiet is always a good way to calm me. If I can calm my brain and clean out the clutter, that helps with creativity. If I’m preoccupied with other issues, creativity leaves. Then there’s always the beach- it makes everything better.

    1. Hot tea and quiet are a good combination for me too. Must be an introvert thing. 🙂 If I can curl up and read a few chapters in a good book, that also leaves me feeling rejuvenated.

      Any type of nature works–the beach, the mountains, the forest. (I’ve never been to the desert, so I don’t know about that.) But trees, water, beautiful vistas…that all helps, too.

  2. I don’t have any non-writing activities that keep my creativity in tact. I read, but I think about writing when I read. I’ll research styles and stuff like that. And then, there’s video games. Sometimes, I’ll think up branching story arcs or think about how I would rewrite a cut scene or something like that. It’s pretty fun.

    1. Reading a good book is one of the best activities we writers can engage in. We’re entertained and inspired–and, best of all, we’re learning. I learn something new from every book I read. Even if there’s something that I feel could’ve been done better in a book, that’s still learning.

      I don’t think we give video games enough credit. So many people view them as a waste of time, but I don’t think people realize how much effort goes into creating them. My hubby has played around with game design, and it’s not only hard work, it also takes a lot of creativity. I’m not much of a gamer, but I think video games can be a wonderful source of not only fun, but also creativity. So game on!

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