It’s been one of those weeks that’s been fast and slow at the same time. Fast in the sense that it’s just sort of flying by, and slow in the sense that my goal progress hasn’t been super impressive.

One thing I’ve struggled with most of my life is setting realistic goals for myself. I often think I can accomplish twice as much in a given timeframe as I can. This month is a perfect example. I planned to write a first draft of a novelette in one week; it took me two weeks. I thought I could revise a novella in one week. That, also, looks like it will take two weeks. And that novel I thought I could revise this month? Yeah, I’m not getting to that.

Part of what slows me down is that I have some health issues, and I never know when they’re going to flare up. During a normal week, I can accomplish a lot more than when my energy feels drained and I’m struggling to meet my goals. It goes back and forth. That’s just life, I suppose, and a limitation I have to learn to work around as best I can. And I need to learn to cut myself some slack during weeks when my health just isn’t where I want it to be. I still expect to make progress, but I won’t be flying through goals.

So, a midweek ROW80 check-in…

Writing Goals: Did some editing to White Wolf, Red Cloak, including rewriting the last scene from the hero’s point of view, and sent that story to critique partners. Did some line editing to my story The Faerie Key in preparation for sending that story to the proofreader.

Reading Goals: Finished reading A Little Night Muse by Jessa Slade and continued reading Twilight Guardians by Maggie Shayne.

Life Goals: Took a long walk Tuesday evening and did some partner yoga with hubby. I should probably start tracking my calorie intake using My Fitness Pal again, since I found that helpful. I also need to do some more cardio—maybe jogging again? No progress on the home improvement front, although I hope to do some painting in the kitchen and dining room this weekend.

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What about you? How do you set realistic goals for yourself? How are your goals coming along this month?

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