Summer Grillin’

Tofu GrillinLast fall, for hubby’s birthday, I bought him a grill. We moved into our house last August, so this is the first time we’ve been able to have a grill. And this summer that thing has paid off. We used it last night, when my in-laws came over for a cookout, and tonight we’re making teriyaki tofu and vegetable kabobs.

It’s just one of the many things that has changed since we became homeowners. We lived in our apartment for eight years and never grilled once, although there were a few grills and picnic areas in our complex. Now, we grill at least once a week. I think this might be the third time this week, actually.

Do you grill? If so, what are some of your favorite things to make?

ROW80 check-in…

Writing: Wrote 6,187 words in White Wolf, Red Cloak, a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. That one is finished and I’m about to send it to my critique partners. I’m a little behind on where I want to be in terms of weekly word counts, but I’m still finishing projects, so that’s something.

Reading: Read Her Wicked Wolf by Kendra Leigh Castle, which was fantastic, and am currently reading A Little Night Muse by Jessa Slade, which I’m enjoying so far.

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20 thoughts on “Summer Grillin’

  1. We grill everything! Fish, meat, poultry, shrimp, veggies- everything. Pineapple is one of my favorites. In the summer grilling beats cooking inside and heating up the house. Enjoy your grill.

    1. Yeah, it definitely does beat heating up the entire house by turning on the stove/oven. And yes, I didn’t realize that you can make pretty much anything on the grill. My mother-in-law said she’s actually cooked cornbread on hers. Haven’t tried that one yet. Thanks, Caren!

  2. The best thing about grilling out is that Hubby then does the cooking. Oh, hold it, he always does the cooking. Anyway, he makes fantastic potatoes – cuts up potatoes with some onions, green peppers and season salt. Double wraps it in tin foil and throws it on the grill with the chicken or burgers or whatever meat he’s making. Not being a big meat eater, I could just eat those taters every meal.

  3. We aren’t too adventurous on our grill, though we have tried some things. Grilled baby eggplant slices, roasted red peppers… roll these around goat cheese and asparagus. YUM!

    Word counts, while nice as a starting base, shouldn’t be the goal. The story should be….

    BTW, what do you think of Writing into the Dark

    1. Mmm. Haven’t tried eggplant yet. Will have to try that one next. Someone else recommended trying potatoes, and my mother-in-law just made cornbread on hers, so I sense a number of grilling adventures in our future.

      You make a good point about word counts. I try to use them to hold myself accountable, but as long as I’m finishing projects I guess they shouldn’t matter too much. Writing into the Dark was fantastic. He basically revises as he goes, although he calls it cycling, not revising. I’m going to try it with a few stories. Just tried it with this last one and the story is a lot cleaner. I highly recommend reading Writing into the Dark and seeing what you think.

  4. Those kebabs looks awesome! We’re currently in an apartment, so currently no grilling, but I just picked up a really great grill pan, so I guess that’s a good substitute for the time being. Something about being able to just even get grill-like marks on something makes it taste that much better.

    1. Yeah. We were long-time renters, so same situation. But the first thing hubby wanted when we bought our townhouse was a grill, so that was his birthday present shortly after we moved in. It’s fantastic. But a grill pan or a broiler works just as well, too. And Pinterest is full of ideas if you need any. 🙂

  5. Ooooh… grilling. Yeah. Just about anything that won’t fall through the bars. If you wrap corn on the cob in foil and stick it on the grill forever and ever, it caramelizes itself and is really nummy. You can also caramelize onions like that, but it helps if you add a touch of molasses and sugar (or unrefined sugar – don’t waste your money on brown sugar. It’s just sugar that’s had the molasses extracted and then added back in so they can charge you more. If you use refined sugar, it’s 1 T. molasses to 1 c. sugar to make your own brown sugar.) Salmon is very good on the grill if you eat salmon, with grilled lemon slices, roasted garlic (wrap a bunch of peeled cloves in foil with some liquid), and dill. If you’re veg, I BELIEVE you can make tofu steaks by marinating in whatever season you want and then pressing out all the liquid over night. (Slice firm tofu, wrap in a towel, stick a book on it. – I can look up the method, maybe. I decided I preferred tofu not as steaks, so I haven’t done it in a while.)

    Congratulations on progress!

    1. Corn on the cob on the grill is next on the list, along with potatoes. We haven’t tried either of those yet. These are great ideas! I’m not a seafood person, but hubby likes fish and might enjoy some salmon on the grill, so we’ll have to try that one. I found a recipe for BBQ tofu, so I’m hoping to try that one soon, but I like your method, too.

      Thanks! 🙂

  6. We’ve never let being in an apartment keep us from grilling. Of course, our grill did go on walk-about once. People in the building across from us thought is was fine to move it to their private patio. It wasn’t.

    I’m trying to go without wordcounts for this ROW80. I think my relationship with them isn’t healthy. I get too much of zing from the number and not enough from finishing a well-edited project. Instead I’m tracking time spent working. We’ll see how it works. *crosses fingers*

    1. We were on the second floor, and there wasn’t enough room on the balcony for a grill, although there were some charcoal grills around the complex we could’ve used. I can’t believe your neighbors “borrowed” your grill like that. Ugh!

      I like your idea of counting time spent on a project. I enjoy word counts because they give me a way to stay accountable and something to shoot for, although maybe now that part of my goal is cleaner first drafts, word counts aren’t as important. I’m spending a lot of time fixing things as I go so my projects aren’t a huge mess, so that’s probably why my word counts are lower. Good luck with your new method of tracking progress, Katherine!

      1. When I lived in Lincoln, NE, my husband (then boyfriend) had the grill on his porch off second floor attic apartment. It would occasionally attract raccoons, which was…amusing.

  7. I love that you called it ‘grilling’ – here is Aus it’s BBQing! 😀 We BBQ everything in summer pretty much (and not in summer), but corn and sausages are firm favourites! Good work on your goals! 😀

  8. I can smell those Kabobs from here Denise! Isn’t it great to own your own grill? We use ours all the time. So glad you and hubby are all settled in and enjoying your new home. Keep up those great goals girl and have a wonderful week! 🙂

    1. They were delicious. Hubby definitely has a talent for grilling. I’ve gotten a lot of good suggestions from people’s comments on this post–eggplant, corn, potatoes–so I suspect there’s a lot more grilling in our future. Thanks, Karen! 🙂

  9. I married a (very recently unemployed) chef who bought a nice smoker a couple of months back. He’s smoked lots of meats, salmon, potatoes, and corn. He did hamburgers yesterday, but they weren’t what he wanted them to be.

    We don’t seem to get around to grilling, maybe because the grill is way out in the backyard, and our house was designed without easy access, so everything needs to be carried around…and, now that I’m typing that, it occurs to me that we might use it more if we brought it to the front of the house, since our front door opens right onto an enclosed but well ventilated porch and, beyond that, our kitchen!

    That meal looks yummy, and you’re definitely making good forward progress! Delicious on several fronts.

    1. A smoker sounds like a lot of fun. We live in a townhouse and only have a small patio, so I don’t know that we’d have room for both, but I bet they’re fantastic. So sorry to hear about your hubby’s job loss. I hope he finds something soon.

      We’re lucky in that our patio is right off our kitchen and dining room, so access isn’t an issue. But if we had to walk around the house carrying trays of food, we would probably grill a lot less often, so I can see where you’re coming from. I don’t see why you couldn’t grill on the front porch instead of in the backyard. I say try it and see how it goes!

      Thanks, Shan Jeniah!

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