This might be my least favorite time of year. The holidays, with their glittering lights and brightly colored packages, have passed. Here in Southwest Virginia, the sky is often gray, the air icy cold. We haven’t really had much snow so far to brighten things up, so we’re left with cold rains and fog.

I find myself longing for summer, dreaming of days where I sit on my patio, sipping my coffee in the morning sunshine and writing in my journal.

But I have to remind myself that these cold, wintry days are valuable too. The earth is sleeping, resting, and that is okay. That is part of the cycle of seasons. Yes, I might wish that I lived in southern California, where I could wear a tank top and sandals in January, but I can learn to appreciate the icy air and cold rains so prominent here this time of year.

Winter is the season of the wise crone, a season of rest, when dreams like seeds are sleeping in the frozen soil, waiting for spring to blossom.

There is something to appreciate in every season. Winter might be my least favorite, but it, too, has its lessons to share.

And in a few weeks will come Imbolc, a celebration of the promise of spring’s return, of days growing longer and the first signs of the earth awakening. It’s also the time of year when we honor the goddess Brighid, the face of the goddess to which I feel most connected.

So even in the gloom of winter, the promise of spring remains. We just need to remember, long after the evergreen boughs have been removed from the hearth, that even in winter, a season of rest and wisdom, the promise of spring remains.

ROW80 check-in:

Writing: Edited two chapters (no word count tracked) and wrote 4,868 words in A Prince in Patience Point. The manuscript started out at approximately 30K and is currently just under 37K. So, I’m close to novel length on this one.

Reading: Reading Thoroughly Kissed, a retelling of Sleeping Beauty by Kristine Grayson. Also started reading The Garden Witch’s Herbal by Ellen Dugan. Haven’t read any writing books yet.

Social media: Started the week off strong but haven’t been doing this as regularly as I should.

Exercise: Did yoga one out of three times this week. So, kind of a fail, but that happens.

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What about you? What does winter symbolize to you?

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