Chilly weather has settled in over the last few days. I’m not sure it will last, but it definitely feels like autumn out there. Soon we’ll be carving pumpkins, wearing sweaters, and drinking hot cocoa!

Today’s ROW80 check-in:

Writing: The good news is that I wrote 4,269 words this week in a short story. The bad news is that I only wrote two out of five days. Monday was dedicated to class prep. I wrote Tuesday and Wednesday, and then was sidelined with a migraine on Thursday. Friday I did some editing and then had to leave mid-afternoon to go to a doctor’s appointment about an hour away. Then I got stuck in traffic and had to reschedule the appointment for Monday anyway. Sigh. Such is life.

Reading: Continued reading Corsets and Clockwork. Some really good short stories in this collection! I recommend it to fans of steampunk—and there’s also romance, which is always a plus for this writer.

Homemaking: Yesterday was a big day. We brought our new front door home—though it’s currently leaning against the wall in our dining room. We’ve replaced one of the outdoor light fixtures and hope to replace the second today. I planted some flower bulbs—snowdrops and red tulips—so we hope to have some flowers come spring. And we got some stone samples so we can make a walkway out back.

Decluttering: Continuing to get rid of five things a day, but starting to have doubts that I can maintain this for 100 days. Hubby is starting to get a little nervous that I’m getting rid of so much stuff, and I’m realizing that a lot of what I have is already fairly pared down. But we’ll see how long this round of decluttering lasts.

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How is the weather where you live? Does it feel like autumn yet? How are your projects, writing or otherwise, coming along?

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