Well, Round 3 of ROW80 is at an end. I can’t say I finished everything I set out to accomplish, but here’s what I managed:

  • Finished a second draft of my novella Called by Magic
  • Started a first draft of a novel, The Hedgewitch and the Wolf
  • Just under halfway through a second, expanded draft of A Prince in Patience Point, a novella
  • Read one book on the craft/business of writing (my goal was two)

I also moved (twice, technically, once to the in-laws’ farm and again to settle into our new townhome). And I started teaching a class at the local university.

As for this week, I wrote 2,335 words in a scene guide to A Prince in Patience Point. I still feel like there’s something missing, but I’ll just have to discover that along the way. The projected length for the second draft is about twice the first draft, so there’s lots of new territory in this draft. In many ways, it’s like a first draft since there’s so much new material. Hopefully I can finish this one by the end of the year.

So that’s my Round 3 summary. I’d like to leave you with a song I recently found by a really great, quirky artist named S.J. Tucker. This one is for all the bookworms—readers and writers alike.

Here’s “Ravens in the Library” by S.J. Tucker—the inspiration for the title of today’s post:

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What about you? How did Round 3 go for you? Did you finish all you set out to do? What are your plans for Round 4?

And happy Mabon/autumnal equinox!

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