Midweek ROW80 check-in

This week has been spent editing the first two chapters of a novella I entered in a contest. I made it to the final round (yay!) and have an opportunity to edit it before progressing to the next round, but I only have a few days to do so. Add that to grading, class prep, etc., and it’s been a busy week.

That’s all I’ve managed to accomplish on the writing front this week. I did manage to write 3,532 words last week, so I am making progress.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can find a way to balance writing and teaching and really get some work done on the Cabot Sisters series. I also want to get back into a blogging and social media routine. I try to visit three to five blogs a day, but that just hasn’t been happening lately. Please bear with me as I seek ever-elusive balance.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. Click here to cheer on fellow participants!

What about you? How is your writing coming along? What projects are you working on? How do you find balance in your life?

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13 thoughts on “Midweek ROW80 check-in

  1. Congratulations on being in the final round of the contest! That sounds like a great accomplishment in and of itself. Good luck with getting back on track. You can do it! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I was so excited when I found out. 🙂

      Yes, I’m trying to get back on track, to slowly ease myself into a schedule that balances my teaching duties with my writing. We’re only two weeks into the semester, so I have time to adjust.

  2. I hear ya, Denise. I was thinking of being a sponsor again for Round 4 and writing and inputting/re-writing my novel,, writing in general, and stage managing The Music Man. I must be crazy. But its what I love and I am determined. You will find that balance too! When you love something you find a way.

    Here’s to an awesome week and figuring out the plan! 🙂

    1. That would be a lot. I’ve found that sponsoring is really motivational, though, so maybe sponsoring Round 4 would help motivate you to reach your writing goals. But you don’t want to take on too much. Good luck deciding. Have a good week!

  3. I don’t look for balance as much as a blend that can shift with my needs and circumstances. That’s why I have so many goals, across a diverse range of interests. There’s always something that can fit the moment, so I can feel productive even with only a few minutes a day.

    While I’m dealing with budget and laptop issues that mean using a much older machine for at last another couple of weeks, and maybe as long as a couple of months, it’s been very helpful to be able to adapt and prioritize, to let some things go for now, and add others.

    I wish you success in your contest, and the school year. Hopefully, as you adjust to the new schedule and responsibilities, you’ll find more pockets of time for writing, and project that can fit those pockets while moving you closer to your goals.

    In the meantime, you wrote last week, and are editing this week, so you’re clearly not ignoring your goals! =)

  4. I hope you are able to find that balance between teaching and writing. When I was teaching, I found my students really did take all of my energy and creativity — to support their growth, so I didn’t mind. But it meant that I didn’t start “really” writing until I retired. What fun now! I hope you are able to set a boundary that allows you to keep writing. Perhaps that contest will motivate you to that goal we all aspire to, real balance in our lives. So keep writing! PS I do like your nicely visual chart for wip.

    1. Yes, it really is that way. I want my students to get as much out of this class as possible, to grow as much as they can, and that means that teaching takes a lot of my energy. But writing is my career, so I still need to find a way to write as well.

      Thanks, Beth!

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