Midweek ROW80 check-in

So, writing hasn’t really been happening since we moved to the new place two weeks ago. The hours have been filled with painting, unpacking, and class prep, since I’ll be teaching this fall. The course is coming together. I have most of the assignments for the semester finished, the syllabus is done, and I have my lesson plans through the beginning of November. I still have a few assignments to write, but I’m fairly close.

But when you’ve been writing basically every day and you go two weeks without writing, you start to get…itchy. That’s how I would describe it. There are all of these words in my head that belong on the page. There are stories that need to be written, and characters who need their stories to be told. So today I opened a blank Word document and just wrote. Anything. I ended up with 1,028 words written.

I’m hoping that next week I can get back into a writing routine so that I can finish the next Cabot Sisters book, “Chosen by Magic.” I love that world and that series and I’m starting to miss it. But the plan for this week is just class stuff. Maybe I’ll write in my character voice journal just to stay connected, but I’m not going to sweat it if I don’t write until after the first day of class.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. It’s also a blog hop!

Well, I’m off to do more class prep. What about you? What are you working on this week? If you teach or have kids, are you ready for back-to-school?

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8 thoughts on “Midweek ROW80 check-in

  1. Itchy is a very good word for it, Denise. Next week is a magical land of promise for me as well. The kids finally start school. I have to go four towns over to the pet store the first day, but after that… I’m so freaking excited! The itch is bad and I have so much I need to do.

    I’ve been trying my best not to get ahead of myself. I’ve been wanting to plan so much. I might not be able to resist anymore. I’m thinking I’ll clean the guinea pigs’ cage and then get to organizing.

    Hope you get to scratch your itch sooner rather than later!

    1. I bet you’re excited for the kids to go back to school. Summer is great, but I’m sure days with the house to yourself help to increase your productivity. Good luck getting back into your routine!

  2. Itchy is a great word to describe it. I start to feel a bit anxious too, as you say it’s like there’s all this stuff building up in your head that needs to get out. Hope you manage to get some writing time, but it’s also so important to get settled in a new place. I always find that if we move and we don’t put everything away right away and set things right and buy things that we need etc, when we first move in, we just get used to it as it is and never get around to doing it. That could just be my hubby and me being lazy though 😉

    Good luck with the class prep too! that will be an exciting new beginning 🙂

    1. Having all of these boxes around is starting to drive me crazy. I’m ready to be settled in, but that takes longer than two weeks, I suppose. Patience, right? I’m sure I have some of that lying around here somewhere.

      Yes, teaching is really rewarding, but so much of the work you do happens outside the classroom–lesson plans. lecture notes, grading, etc. I forgot how much work it is to teach a class for the first time. But yes, I’m excited about that, too! 🙂

  3. Yes, you should keep writing, even if you just write in a notebook for 30 minutes or devote a bit of time to writing “Chosen By Magic”.

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