So, it’s official. Hubby and I are homeowners. We moved into our new place last Wednesday, and the past week has been a flurry of unpacking, cleaning, painting, and endless trips to Lowe’s. We are slowly but surely getting settled in, and we’re excited—tired, but excited.

Of course, that means that basically no writing has been getting done. I have been doing some prep work for the course I’ll be teaching this fall, and have been making decent progress.

But there is some wonderful news on the writing front: I finished the second draft of “Called by Magic” in a little over a week. I’ve never revised anything that quickly—and the revision included some substantial rewrites. It’s a novella of about 20K, so not novel-length, but that was still a fast turnaround. I wish every story could flow so smoothly.

In previous posts I’ve mentioned that I’ve decided to focus on The Cabot Sisters, a series of six novellas following sister-witches Laurel and Brigit and their adventures in the faerie realm. So up next is plotting the third book in the series, “Chosen by Magic,” and getting started on it. But right now class prep comes first.

I’ve really shifted my focus for this round, so here are my new goals for the third round of ROW80:

  • Finish a second draft of “Called by Magic.” (check!)
  • Finish a first draft of “Chosen by Magic.”
  • Finish a second draft of “Beckoned by Magic.”
  • Read two or three books on the craft/business of writing.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. It’s also a blog hop!

What about you? What projects are you working on? Any home improvement projects this summer? What are you currently writing?

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