A whirlwind. That’s how I’d sum up the way this summer is shaping up. The good news is that we found someone to take over the lease for our apartment, so we won’t have to pay rent and a mortgage at the same time. Unfortunately, the new tenants’ lease ends in July and we don’t close on our place until August…meaning that we’re going to have to put all of our stuff into storage, stay with my in-laws (who live about an hour away, out in the country, with, gasp!, no Internet), and then move into the new place when it’s ready in early August.

In addition, I’ll be teaching again in the fall, and I’ve already had the obligatory dream in which it’s the first day of class and I realize I haven’t done my syllabus. Which is kind of like a student dreaming that she has a final in a class she’d forgotten she was taking.

My goals for the summer are to finish a second draft of “A Prince in Patience Point” and either a fourth draft of “Good Old-Fashioned Magic” or a second draft of my short story “Midwinter Bride.”

ROW80 check-in:

  • Started a read-through of the first draft of “A Prince in Patience Point.” I’m still trying to get a read on Prince Neal’s character.
  • Read two chapters in “Dialogue” by Gloria Kempton.
  • Checked in on Twitter and Pinterest. Visited three blogs on Tuesday; Monday was a non-writing/social media day.

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What about you? What are your summer plans? Will yours be a whirlwind season or a laidback one?

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