The warm weather is finally here, meaning I can drink my morning coffee out on the balcony. Yay! And my plants are doing well so far. The basil sprouts just poked their tiny heads out of the soil this week, and the peas are really taking off. The pepper plant appears to be thriving—my first attempt at growing bell peppers, though other types have done well in containers for me before. And then there’s the geranium in the photo, of course—those are notoriously hardy.

My balcony garden spring 2015

Decluttering madness continued this week, although not at the same pace as before. I have a ton of stuff to take to Goodwill, and I still have another closet to go through. But I’m more organized than I’ve been in a long time, and I feel a sense of relief at simply owning less. Now that most of the decluttering is done, I’m on to a serious spring cleaning of the apartment—getting the carpets professionally scrubbed, cleaning the windows and wiping down the windowsills, etc.—wiping away the cobwebs of winter and letting the fresh air in.

On the writing front, draft three of “Good Old-Fashioned Magic” is off to beta readers. That was this week’s big task—doing yet another read-through and cleaning up the draft so it was as error-free as possible before sending it out. I didn’t wait my usual six weeks before the read-through, since I was mostly checking for typos and inconsistencies. With beta readers, I want them to be focused on connecting with the characters, examining the plot, etc.—not getting bogged down in typos and weird word echoes. So that story is cleaned up, sent out, and out of my hands for the time being.

In the upcoming week, I plan to do a read-through of my novel “Made of Shadows” and begin revisions. I have a sneaking suspicion it might need a page-one rewrite, since it’s the first adult paranormal I ever wrote, but I’ll make that call after the read-through.

I haven’t been doing as well with my social media goals as I would like. I’ve started using Pinterest regularly, but I need to remember to check in on Facebook and Twitter every day. And I’ve only been blogging once a week; I’d like to get that back up to twice.

What about you? How are your goals, writing or otherwise, coming along? If you’ve planted a garden this year, how are your plants doing?

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