It has been a hectic and anxiety-provoking week in my household. Since Monday, our 15-year-old beagle, Angel, has been at the vet’s office on an IV. Her liver values aren’t very good and she’s having problems with her gallbladder and one of her kidneys. So, much of my time has been spent in vet’s offices. We’re hoping she can come home soon and that she makes a full recovery, but we’re currently in wait-and-see mode. Needless to say, I’ve been a very worried pet parent this week.

I’m breaking from my usual check-in method. Since it’s been a crazy week, I thought I’d list what I’ve accomplished to date. Here’s this week so far:

1.) Blogged Monday and Wednesday.

2.) Checked in on Twitter Tuesday, but not Monday.

3.) Finished some critique work.

4.) Commented on seven blog posts on Tuesday.

5.) Did my morning pages on Tuesday, but not Monday.

6.) Did a little bit of world-building/brainstorming for “Stolen by Magic.”

And that’s my week so far. Hopefully things calm down soon. I’m hoping to complete a read-through of “Stolen by Magic” and dig into revisions the remainder of this week.

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