Welcome to another installment of WIPpet Wednesday. The brain child of K.L. Schwengel, WIPpet Wednesday offers writers a chance to share their works in progress. The only catch is that the excerpt must relate to the date in some way. Click here to see what other WIPpeteers are up to.

Today’s math is simple: 10 paragraphs for Dec. 10. In this passage from “Stolen by Magic,” Laurel, who’s been practicing magic skyclad in a sacred grove that once belonged to her family, finds herself pulled into the faerie realm.

I hit the ground with a thud and rolled, dirt covering my skin. My elbow banged a rock as I tumbled, and I cried out.

If I was where I thought I was, this was bad. I had no talisman to protect me, no sacred light to guide me home. And worse, soon the grove would be gone, so I couldn’t return the way I’d come.

My spell had been simple. How had it gone so wrong? Grandma had told me how difficult it was to reach the fae world, and here I was, without even trying. No, something was off.

I was naked in another world, as far from home as anyone could be.

I sat up, rubbed my bruised elbow, and took in my surroundings. The trees were tall, wide, and ancient, oak and ash and pine towering toward the sky. I took comfort in the moon’s glow—even here her light reached me.

My body was streaked with dirt, and I was in the dark in a strange forest in what was without a doubt the fae world. I had no idea how I got here. I had no idea how to get back.

I heard the sound of hooves against the earth and prayed I wasn’t about to come face to face with a centaur. They weren’t always friendly.

A wide path wound through the wood, well trodden by many travelers before. I was just off to the side, surrounded by ferns and bluebells. I rose. I could just barely make out the rider’s features in the dark forest. Blond locks fell over a serious face. The rider pulled back on the reins.

“Are you lost?”

“More than you could ever possibly know.”

Lastly, an ROW80 check-in…


1.) Make measurable progress on one of my WIPs. Wrote 2,655 words in “Stolen by Magic.”

2.) Read three books on the craft/business of writing. Two of three books read. Continued reading “Write. Publish. Repeat.” by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant.

Social media goals:

1.) Check in on Twitter or Facebook daily. On track to meet this goal.

2.) Blog twice a week. On track to meet this goal.

3.) Comment on three to five blogs per day, Monday-Thursday. On track to meet this goal.

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