WIPpet Wednesday: The dryad in the sacred grove

Here’s yet another installment of WIPpet Wednesday. Hosted by K.L. Schwengel, WIPpet Wednedays offer writers a chance to share excerpts from their work. The only catch is that the WIPpet must relate to the date in some way. Today is the third, so here are three paragraphs from “Stolen by Magic.” Click here to read other writers’ WIPpets.

Some background: Laurel Cabot, a witch, has come to a sacred grove once owned by her family. As she casts her spell, a dryad appears. The next day, the grove is going to be destroyed, taking the dryad with it.

She approached me, her brown tresses nearly dragging on the ground. Like me, she was naked, but the texture of her skin obscured her features. She reached out and touched my face. Her touch was soft as a leaf against my skin.

“Farewell, Laurel Cabot. May the Cabot witches always serve wisely and well.” She bowed her head.

Just like that, she was gone. Tears stung my eyes. I let them flow. It was okay, I told myself, to cry for this place. It was okay to say goodbye.

ROW80 check-in…


ROW80Logocopy1.) Make measurable progress on one of my WIPs. Started a character voice journal for the Cabot Sisters series. Wrote a rough synopsis of a short story, “Under the Mistletoe’s Spell.” Wrote 1,126 words on two projects, “Stolen by Magic” and “Under the Mistletoe’s Spell.” I was going to concentrate on the first project, but I just put the Christmas tree up and, well, I was filled with the holiday spirit—so, out came a story about magic and mistletoe. 🙂

2.) Read three books on the craft/business of writing. Two of three books read. Started reading “Write. Publish. Repeat.” by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant.

Social media goals:

1.) Check in on Twitter or Facebook daily. On track to meet this goal.

2.) Blog twice a week. On track to meet this goal.

3.) Comment on three to five blogs per day, Monday-Thursday. Totally forgot to do this on Monday. Met for Tuesday.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. Click here to cheer on fellow participants.

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Fantasy & paranormal romance author. Witch. Tarot reader. Possibly a woodland sprite. Debut release TANGLED ROOTS now available. Magic awaits at www.denisedyoungbooks.com.

18 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: The dryad in the sacred grove

  1. I’m crying a little for the dryad, and for the grove, myself…sounds like you’re both moving ahead on existing goals, and following inspiration, too.

    Seems like a perfect blend for the holiday season! =D

    1. I know. I was pretty sad when I wrote that scene. The poor dryad.

      Yes, I’m trying to find that balance. Sometimes a new story pops up and you have to follow it and see where it leads, but existing projects need attention, too. We’ll see if I can do both!

  2. Oh, gosh. That’s so sad! I’ve always liked the idea of the trees having spirits, and it’s heartbreaking thinking of them dying.

  3. With everything going on, you are doing fabulous my friend! By the way, do let me know what you think about “Write. Publish. Repeat.” I have heard good things about that craft book. Have a great week! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Karen! So far, I’m liking “Write. Publish. Repeat.” I will share more thoughts after I’ve finished it. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂

  4. “It was okay, I told myself, to cry for this place. It was okay to say goodbye.” Ugh, heart wrenching. Such a sad piece.

  5. This is really intriguing Denise. I wonder why it is exactly that the grove is going to be destroyed. And I thought that you portrayed Laurel’s emotions very well. I’m also wondering why she and the dryad are naked?!

    1. Thanks, Elaine. To answer your questions, the grove is being cut down to make way for a housing development, and Laurel is practicing magic skyclad (naked) when the dryad appears.

  6. Lovely to check in on your progress twice today! The scene makes me want to fight the destruction of the grove — yet the strength of Laurel’s response is humbling: Sometimes we cannot prevent bad things from happening. The sense of loss is very strong and beautifully evoked.

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