Goal Changes: Midweek ROW80 check-in

I’m not so sure we choose our stories. Sometimes I think our stories choose us. Such is the case with my current WIP, a steampunk Cinderella retelling that took me by surprise. This is my first attempt at writing YA in a few years (though, since my master’s is in children’s lit, the story is a perfect fit).

photo by Kristin Nador, WANA Commons
photo by Kristin Nador, WANA Commons

So, in light of the fact that my latest WIP, my first foray into the steampunk genre, is taking up most of my time, I’ve changed up my goals a little bit. I’ve put revisions of other stories on hold until I finish this draft. My goals below reflect this change.

Writing goals:

1.) Work on a first draft of my YA steampunk novel “The Clockwork in the Stars.” Wrote 2,394 words. Not sure I’ll have this one completely finished by the end of this round, but I hope to be close to finished by the end of the year.

2.) Read three books on the craft/business of writing. Continued reading “Writing the Breakout Novel” by Donald Maass.

Social media goals:

1.) Check in on Twitter or Facebook daily. On track to meet this goal.

2.) Blog twice a week. On track to meet this goal.

3.) Comment on three to five blogs per day, Monday-Thursday. On track to meet this goal.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. It’s also a blog hop! Click here to cheer on fellow participants.

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27 thoughts on “Goal Changes: Midweek ROW80 check-in

    1. I definitely agree that reading helps my writing. It provides inspiration and gets me thinking about how other writers approach issues like structure, tension, dialogue, and character development (to name a few). Reading books about writing helps me to further hone my skills.

      Thanks for commenting!

    1. The story isn’t set in space, but there is a “from-outer-space” element to it. The plot hinges on an alien device, the secrets of which people think steam technology can now unlock. 🙂


  1. You story sounds awesome! I love retellings of traditional stories. Good luck with that, it sounds like a really fun novel to write.

    I’m making my first foray into steampunk too (in fact I discovered the genre quite recently), do you mind me asking what steampunk books you’ve been reading? Trying to expand my knowledge of the genre.

    1. Thanks. I have a weakness for fairy tale retellings. I love seeing old stories re-imagined in new ways and can’t wait to try it myself.

      If you haven’t read it, “The Clockwork Scarab” by Colleen Gleason is fantastic. I just ordered “The Unnaturalists” by Tiffany Trent and “Heart of Brass” by Kate Cross and am looking forward to reading those.

      Writing steampunk is exciting, though I’m not a very technical person so understanding the mechanics of the technology and the world feels a bit overwhelming at times–but then, that’s half the fun. Best of luck with your first foray into this genre.

    1. Yes. This story is definitely challenging me and stretching me as a writer, which is a great feeling. The hardest part has been mastering the technical aspects of a steampunk world. I’ve had to do a decent amount of research to make certain parts of the story work.

      Thanks, Ruth!

  2. I can tell this story has claimed you! Gosh, I love when that happens! =D

    I’ve pretty much set everything aside except blogging, OctPoWriMo, NaNo planning, and those three flash stories I’m revising for submission…

    Gee, it somehow seems like a lot when I write it out…

    Have fun with steampunk Cinderella! =D

    1. Yes, this story has definitely claimed my attention. Sometimes a story just shows up on our doorstep and makes itself at home. This was one of those times.

      Sounds like you have a decent amount on your plate. Good luck with it!

      Thanks, Shan Jeniah!

  3. Stories that take us by surprise are the best kind. The next few weeks should be fun for you. I’ll look forward to learning more about the project. You had me a steampunk Cinderella 😉

    1. Thanks! Yes, this story just sort of surprised me, but it’s a new challenge and one that I’m enjoying. It’s more sci-fi than fantasy, which is new for me, but since I love science fiction (huge Stargate fan!), it’s a good fit. 🙂

      1. I totally agree. I was so disappointed when they didn’t use Tom Welling for the movie. I guess the transition was too difficult – the back stories didn’t meld together.

  4. You’re sp right about the stories. My ideas usually come at night when I am trying to sleep and I can’t until I write them down. Changing goals was necessary for sure. Sounds like a fascinating novel to be working on.

    1. Yes, so far I’m enjoying this one. For a long time, I kept a notepad next to my bed where I would jot down any ideas that came to me. I haven’t done that in a while, but that’s one way to catch those ideas before they slip away.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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