I’m not so sure we choose our stories. Sometimes I think our stories choose us. Such is the case with my current WIP, a steampunk Cinderella retelling that took me by surprise. This is my first attempt at writing YA in a few years (though, since my master’s is in children’s lit, the story is a perfect fit).

photo by Kristin Nador, WANA Commons
photo by Kristin Nador, WANA Commons

So, in light of the fact that my latest WIP, my first foray into the steampunk genre, is taking up most of my time, I’ve changed up my goals a little bit. I’ve put revisions of other stories on hold until I finish this draft. My goals below reflect this change.

Writing goals:

1.) Work on a first draft of my YA steampunk novel “The Clockwork in the Stars.” Wrote 2,394 words. Not sure I’ll have this one completely finished by the end of this round, but I hope to be close to finished by the end of the year.

2.) Read three books on the craft/business of writing. Continued reading “Writing the Breakout Novel” by Donald Maass.

Social media goals:

1.) Check in on Twitter or Facebook daily. On track to meet this goal.

2.) Blog twice a week. On track to meet this goal.

3.) Comment on three to five blogs per day, Monday-Thursday. On track to meet this goal.

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