ROW80 Round 3 Writing Goals

I’m getting a late start to Round 3. I should’ve posted this Monday, but it’s been one of those weeks. (Actually, it’s been two crazy weeks in a row, but sometimes life is like that.) We just found out that one of our cats might need not one but two major surgeries, one to remove a mass in his left eye and potentially another to remove a cataract in his right eye. So we’re hoping his first surgery, scheduled for later this month, goes well and the outcome is positive. For now he’s just getting lots of snuggles.

ROW80LogocopyMy goals for Round 3 of ROW80 are fairly straightforward:


  • Finish a second draft of my novella “Good Old-Fashioned Magic.” Currently approaching the halfway mark with this goal.
  • Write a first draft of another novella.
  • Read a minimum of four books on the business or craft of writing. Currently reading “Conflict and Suspense” by James Scott Bell.

Social media:

  • Check in on Twitter daily.
  • Blog two times per week.
  • Comment on three to five blogs per day, Monday-Thursday.

What about you? What are your writing goals for the coming months?

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7 thoughts on “ROW80 Round 3 Writing Goals

  1. It does indeed sound like your goals are very straight forward. They are very reasonable. I wish you the best of luck with those goals. I also wish you the very best for your cat – it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, the poor thing. Hang in there.

    1. Thanks, Chris. I’ve started developing a rhythm to my writing routine, so my goals aren’t changing a lot from one round to another. The WIPs might change, but the overall thrust of my goals stays the same.

      We’re hoping his surgery goes smoothly and that the mass turns out to be benign. Right now, the vet doesn’t know exactly what it is.

  2. Awwww, poor kitty, and poor you! I hope everything goes well and it is a speedy recovery. *sends positive thoughts your way*

    I went back to more straightforward goals this round as well. I burned out a bit last round and that was just…well, not fun. LOL Good luck this round and see you around the ROW!!

    1. Thanks, Kat.

      Writing burnout sucks. I try to add some balance in my life to avoid it, but sometimes it happens anyway. Good luck with this round and thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Sending extra snuggles for Surgery Kitty! I like your goals – simple and easily measured.

    Mine, as per my butterfly nature, are – voluminous. =)

    Much success and joy to you this round!

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