ROW80LogocopyI live in a college town, and one of my favorite times of year is the spring. I love watching people emerge. It’s like the whole town has been hibernating and the warm weather wakes us up, drawing everyone outdoors. Bicyclists and joggers are everywhere; parents are out pushing strollers or walking with their kids; pet-owners venture out to take long walks with their dogs. Students gather on the lawns, leaving trails of red Solo cups in their wake.

This weekend, my husband and I took advantage of the sunshine, playing tennis–and getting a little bit of a sunburn. The upcoming week sounds like a rainy one, lots of good reading and writing weather, but probably not so good for tennis.

ROW80 check-in

1.) Writing:

  • Write a draft of untitled short story: Wrote 4,387 words on this project. This draft is finished at just over 8K!
  • Finish the second draft of the novella I finished in Round 1, Good Old-Fashioned Magic. Going to dig into this project in the upcoming week after reading Cathy Yardley’s “Rock Your Revisions.” In the meantime, I’ll be doing some research to fill in a few setting/world-building details.

2.) Read 4 books on the craft/business of writing. Continued reading Stephen King’s “On Writing,” book 2 of 4.

3.) Social media:

  • Check in on Twitter daily. Target mostly met.
  • Comment on 3-5 blogs per day, Monday-Thursday. Target met.
  • Blog 2 times per week. Target met.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. It’s also a blog hop!

Was the weather nice where you live? How did you spend your weekend? How are your writing goals coming along?

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