ROW80LogocopyI’m going to keep this week’s check-in short and sweet. Winter is getting to me a bit, and I spent most of this week feeling more like curling up under a blanket and drinking tea than writing. Despite that, I did make pretty good progress on my goals. I came in a little under my target word count for the week, but I exceeded it the week before, so I’m still on track in the big picture.

ROW80 Round 1 Goals:

1.) Finish a draft of “Good, Old-Fashioned Magic”: Wrote 1,947 words in WIP, a little bit below my target of 2,700 to 3,000 words. I’m approaching the halfway mark with this manuscript, so that’s exciting!

2.) Read to hone my craft. Continued reading and doing the exercises in Julia Cameron’s “Walking in this World.”

3.) Blog at least two times a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays: Target met.

4.) Check in on Twitter daily and on WANA Tribe at least once/week: Checked in on Twitter every day except Thursday. Didn’t check in on WANA Tribe.

5.) Comment on 5-6 blogs per day, Monday-Thursday: Target met. I ended up doing Thursday’s comments on Friday, but hey, that still counts.

6.) Super-secret project: Write two articles/posts each week for that project. I actually wrote four articles for this goal, so I’m caught up from the previous week!

What about you? Are you making progress with your goals?

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