ROW80LogocopyOkay, I spent all day painting the bedroom, and I’m exhausted. Needless to say, I’m keeping this check-in brief.

This week wasn’t impressive as far as word count—a measly 785 words in my WIP. I probably wrote more than that, but there was a lot of rewriting and polishing on chapter two, so that’s where the word count technically stands. More importantly, I now have a relatively cohesive draft of the second chapter! For some reason, this chapter didn’t come easily, but it’s out there now, and I’m moving on with the story. Whew.

I also read two more chapters in Julia Cameron’s “Walking in this World,” so I’m caught up on that, including doing the corresponding “tasks” that go along with each chapter.

And, of course, I blogged Wednesday and Sunday. 🙂

I also have a side project going that I should probably add to my ROW80 goals, since I’m putting in a decent amount of time into that. (I’m keeping that one secret-ish for now.)

What about you? How did your week of writing go?