Electric Blankets and Goblin Glamours in the midweek #ROW80 check-in

ROW80LogocopyMy mother-in-law couldn’t have gotten us a more appropriate and timely Christmas present than the electric blanket she gave us. Hubby and I have spent the past few nights curled up under it and reading—anything to ignore the record-breaking cold temps outside. We haven’t been shoveling ourselves out of the snow here in Virginia, but it has been COLD.

I reworked the first scene of “Good, Old-Fashioned Magic,” chapter two on Monday, and spent Tuesday working through some back story. This story is a novella, and I’m struggling to balance the fast-paced action the situation and format demand with time to develop the main characters’ relationship. (Thankfully, nothing brings your characters closer than running for their lives from goblins.) Spending time on back story before I write allows me to make every word and every scene count. So, while my word count for Tuesday wasn’t very high—I only added about 100 words to the actual story—I discovered plenty of interesting details. (Yes, one of those details involves a goblin using a glamour to disguise himself as a human—thus the title of today’s check-in post.)

Today and tomorrow, I’m hoping to knock out the rest of chapter two. That leaves me Friday to do some revising before I move on to chapter three next week.

I’ve also started reading Roz Morris’ “Nail Your Novel” and am reading chapter two of Julia Cameron’s “Walking in This World.” (For those of you who aren’t familiar, Cameron’s books are set up so that each chapter represents one week in a weeks-long creative journey, so I’ll be reading one chapter per week in that book.)

Since I’ve already posted once today, I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

What about you? Where do you stand with your #ROW80 goals for this week?

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Fantasy & paranormal romance author. Witch. Tarot reader. Possibly a woodland sprite. Debut release TANGLED ROOTS now available. Magic awaits at www.denisedyoungbooks.com.

13 thoughts on “Electric Blankets and Goblin Glamours in the midweek #ROW80 check-in

  1. Hi, Denise! I live in your part of the world, too, and I know what you mean about the cold! Ugh. Your story sounds intriguing: good luck with it!


    1. Thanks, Kathy. All I’ve wanted to do this week is curl up under a blanket with a steaming cup of tea and an even steamier romance novel. It’s supposed to be warming up, though, so I’m looking forward to being able to venture outside without my fingers going numb. 🙂

  2. “nothing brings your characters closer than running for their lives from goblins”

    This sentiment stands out as something that just has to be true. I feel like that should be a poster or a sig or something.

    Keep warm.

  3. Goblin glamour… I admit, I almost imagined a goblin fashion show. Could be fun too, but not the same kind, I’m sure. I agree totally about the back story though. A lot of the true writing never gets published, but if each word is chosen well, the reader will feel the richness of the world there.

    BTW, thank you for jumping in and helping with the sponsoring. It’s a lot of fun actually. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did it.

    1. Hmm…a goblin fashion show. That has loads of potential in it for a wonderfully absurd and quirky story. 😉 I know that, as a reader, I enjoy works with a rich world and lots of back story–even if much of it never makes it onto the page. When a writer enjoys spending time in a world and learning about it, hopefully the reader will as well.

      Eden, I’m looking forward to it. I love the idea of encouraging other writers, so I think this will make ROW80 even more rewarding.

      1. Yes, that would be an interesting fashion show. I had a flash images of goblins a la Victoria’s Secret. Wow! Not a good thing when I’m at work…my students will think I’m completely wacko.

      2. Well, if you ever write that goblin fashion show story, put me in as one of the stage crew? 😉


        I can’t speak for everyone’s experience, but it has really enriched my ROW80 experience being a sponsor.

  4. For the fourth morning in a row, temperatures have been colder than twenty below here. I definitely don’t feel like doing anything except staying under the covers. Luckily I only had to go to the day job twice this week. That should have made my writing more productive, right? Nope, guess again.

    Here’s to spring! It will be here soon!

    1. I swear, when it’s that cold, all you want to do is hide under the covers and eat hot soup while listening to music that reminds you of warmer days–the Beach Boys, perhaps? I hope it’s warming up where you’re at. Today is supposed to be much warmer here–although it’s a sad day when temps in the 30s and 40s feel downright tropical!

  5. Nice combination of shivers and glamours! I haven’t thought of goblins in a very long time. Maybe I need one around the house. Thanks for including that balance of writing and reading craft. I’m still reading Natalie Goldberg’s classic “Writing Down the Bones”. Her chapters are so short I should whiz right through, but each one is nearly a meditation on writing craft. May the polar vortex reverse itself!

    1. Beth, I love Natalie Goldberg’s books. “Writing Down the Bones” is a great book on the craft; it’s on my shelf next to Annie Dillard’s “The Writing Life.” Thankfully, the polar vortex has moved on from Virginia, and I’ll take the foggy drizzle that we have right now over the brutal cold. 🙂

  6. Running from goblins sounds like an interesting situation to be in! Of course, I pictured the World of Warcraft goblins, which are not very scary – so I imagine yours are much worse.

    I hope it gets warmer for you guys soon, but reading under an electric blanket sounds really nice 🙂

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