dusting off my blog–finally!

Needless to say, I’ve been away from the blog for a while. There are quite a few dust bunnies to contend with on the website, but I’m determined to clear them out. (Thanks, August McLaughlin, for the gentle nudge.) 🙂 And I’ve also missed talking with my fellow bloggers. I’m really curious to hear what everyone has been up to lately.

Here’s a brief update on what I’ve been doing over the past few months:

1.) Revisions, part iv. I finished the third draft of “Made of Shadows” last year. I received some really great feedback from my critique group and from a couple of editors to whom I submitted it, so I’m currently digging into another round of revisions.

2.) From writer to thespian. After all of these long years working behind the keyboard, I dove into a new art form: acting. I played a supporting role in a local production of the Greek tragedy “Agamemnon.” I learned a lot about myself as an artist from the experience. Initially, I had a hard time not critiquing the wording of my lines. When I accepted that I could only focus on the delivery, not how the line was written, I was transformed. Actors experience art from the other side of the page, so I feel I grew as an artist. It was hard but rewarding work, and I met some really cool people along the way.

3.) A debt-free journey. In December, my husband graduated from college after six years as a part-time student. (Congrats, hubby!) And then we began the process of killing our student loan debt. We’re grateful for the education those loans gave us, but we are ready to destroy our student loan debt and focus more on giving, saving, and traveling. We’re definitely ready for some new adventures!

4.) Finding my “artist’s way.” Part of the reason there hasn’t been much blogging going on lately is because I’ve been caught in a horrible period of writer’s block. I’ve never had a storytelling problem I couldn’t write my way out of, but it’s been harder this year than in the past. That’s not to say I haven’t written at all–I have–but my progress hasn’t been as steady as in past years. I took some time to read Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” which is meant to help us tap into sources of creativity and overcome artists’ blocks. While a year with little writing is no fun, I am finding a greater clarity and sense of patience as I address changes to the latest draft of “Made of Shadows.”

Has anyone else tried Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” techniques? I know I’ve found them really useful.

Now, what about you? What has changed in your life in the past year–writing or otherwise? 🙂

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