Sunday Summary: Pumpkins, Hayrides, and this Week’s Mash-up of Awesomeness

Today we had the first truly chilly day of the autumn season, and I’m breaking out the Halloween decorations. Yesterday, hubby and I enjoyed the fall foliage by taking a drive out to a local farm, where we picked out pumpkins, filled a basket full of gourds, and went on a hayride. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. Here’s a peek:

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I also recently started a new story. Tired of spinning my wheels on my current works in progress, I decided to try something fresh and new to get the creative juices flowing again. This story is not only set during the fall season but, more importantly, it’s set here in Virginia, the state I’ve called home for more than six years. It also pays homage to the Appalachian Mountains, which are as much a part of me as my stories are. Growing up in Pennsylvania, these mountains have inspired not only my stories, but also my drive to lead a sustainable lifestyle close to nature. They taught me about both nature’s fragility and its strength. I hope that through this story (spoiler: it features werewolves!) I can share some of the beauty that has inspired me.

Besides the world outside my door, the blogosphere is also full of awesomeness this week. Here are a few posts I really enjoyed.

This Week’s Mash-up of Awesomeness:

What about you? How has your week been? Any excitement, writing or otherwise?

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary: Pumpkins, Hayrides, and this Week’s Mash-up of Awesomeness

  1. Thanks so much for including my post in your mashup, Denise! Your photos are gorgeous. A hay ride sounds fun. And living a sustainable lifestyle close to nature, how wonderful! Best wishes on your new story. I signed up for WANA2012 because WANA1011 was and is so awesome!

  2. Oh, I love the pumpkins in your pictures. And I love this slide show!
    I think it’s really helpful to start on a new project when you are stuck on one you are currently working on. Have you ever tried writing two novels (novellas, short stories, non-fiction pieces etc) at once? I am planning to do that next month and I can’t wait. I just started to write my new series this month and in a couple of weeks I will add the second book in The Forged Series.

    1. That’s basically what I’m trying to do now. I’m working on this new project, but I have another manuscript in need of some revising and another story (novella) that I want to continue working on. So far, I’ve found it easier to work on one nonfiction piece and one fiction piece at the same time. Let me know how you progress with working on multiple projects simultaneously. Good luck!

  3. Great mash up, Denise! This week’s been a hectic one for me. Ever noticed the way things get bumpy as we grow? Wishing you and yours a great weekend. 🙂

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