Exploring the Elements, part 2: Water

In the first post of this series, we discussed the nurturing qualities of the earth element. In today’s post, we’re talking about water.

Water, governed by the moon and the goddess Venus, is generally associated with emotions, love, and spirituality. People who are water signs can be moody and emotional, but also sensitive, generous, and compassionate. In dreams, bodies of water are said to symbolize the unconscious mind, and the state of the water represents the dreamer’s psyche. Cloudy or muddy water represents a lack of understanding of unconscious desires and urges or being overwhelmed by negative emotions, whereas clear waters reflect that the dreamer is in touch with his/her innermost desires or fears and is in a receptive state of mind.

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Water can be a clear, still pond or a wild, raging river. It is a dynamic element, in contrast to earth, which can leave a sense of being “rooted in place.” Just as earth provides a nurturing sense of stability, water is also healing, but in this case, in the sense of cleansing. Water can soothe wounds, washing away negative energy. In nature, storms can be intense and powerful, but also cleanse the atmosphere (take a moment to imagine the cool, refreshing scent of a forest after an intense rainstorm).

Water energy is necessary in every home. It provides a feeling of love and connection and helps to add a sense of movement in places where there can be stagnation. Water represents purification and receptive, feminine energy. Consider adding a mirror (a water symbol) to a corner or an object made of glass (another water symbol) to spaces that could use more water energy. Beautiful symbols of water energy abound. Consider using a glass dolphin statue as a paperweight or adding a bowl of seashells to balance out a room.

Do you ever feel like you need more of the water element in your daily routine? If so, how do you welcome water energy into your life?

Associations with the water element:

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Cardinal direction: West
Season: Autumn
Zodiac signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Colors: aqua, blue, silver, white
Gemstones: aquamarine, moonstone, pearls
Herbs and spices: chamomile, feverfew, thyme, vanilla, yarrow
Plants: birch, elder, lotus flowers/water lilies, seaweed, roses, rushes, violets, willow
Fantasy creatures: nymphs, mermaids, undines
Altar items: chalice, bowl, or cauldron filled with water; glass objects; mirror; seashells

For more great information about the four elements, check out these wonderful sources:

“Celtic Magic” by D.J. Conway. Llewellyn Publications.
“Herb Magic for Beginners” by Ellen Dugan. Llewellyn Publications.
“Feng Shui Home” by Gill Hale, Stella Martin, and Josephine De Winter. Barnes & Noble Books.
“True Magick” by Amber K. Llewellyn Publications.

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