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I’m Denise D. Young. I’m a writer, a Witch, a wife, a master of decluttering, and a fur mama to two cats and a dog. I spend a lot of time tromping through the woods, seeking woodland magic, a return to simplicity, and, perhaps, an unseen portal to another realm. Other obsessions include tea, scarves, books, and gemstones.

If you’re looking to simplify your life and find magic in the everyday, please explore my blog. If you’re looking to get swept away in tales of wild faeries, free-spirited witches, and the occasional errant spell–all with the promise of a happy ending–my stories await you. I offer stories that bewitch and enthrall, stories of magic and moonlight. My novelettes The Beltane Kiss and The Faerie Key¬†are brimming with faerie magic in an earthy setting.

In addition to writing fantasy and romance, I also blog about living a simple, creative–and often magical!–life. Feel free to check out my post “Can You Live A Creative Life Without Clutter?” for a taste of my blogging style.

Please pour yourself a cup of tea, help yourself to some dark chocolate, and stay a while. Welcome to my virtual home!

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